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I found out I was pregnant July 11th when I was 16 years old

I found out I was pregnant July 11th when I was 16 years old When I found out it didn’t even phase me I wasn’t even thinking about the new world I had just been thrusted into I had this I don’t care attitude about the whole thing thinking it would just disappear he told me to keep it and fed me all these lies saying I would be giving him a big opportunity if i went and had it and against my better judgement I waited until august 7th to tell my mom now before august 7 he told me to abort it out of the blue on July 17th because his mom said he wasn’t ready to be a farther and he wasn’t the most supportive during the pregnancy now my mom was supportive she told me it was my choice and she would help me raise it a lot of tears were shed between her and I she ended up telling my sister and I she also had an abortion when she was 16 and she regrets it and today august 12 2022 I got an abortion at 15 weeks now my mom blamed herself saying we were too scared to tell her but I can assure you she was one of the biggest supporters of my decision and so was my family I have been crying a lot feeling so empty and feeling like the worst mom but I just wish I could have given my unborn child the mom and dad he/she deserve I want to be like my mom when I have a child but my biggest regret will be waiting as long as I did so if your reading this tell your parents if your pregnant.

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