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I found out I was pregnant in 2018, when I was in my mid-twenties.

I found out I was pregnant in 2018, when I was in my mid-twenties. I am still in a relationship with the father, but there were challenges for several years post abortion. During that time, I felt lost and unhappy in general. I was taught that abortion was a sin, but I just didn’t respect the values that my parents tried their best to instill growing up. I believed that it was my right..., and without hesitation I scheduled the appointment. I didn’t look at the ultrasound, I didn’t ask any questions & I didn’t consider the consequences of my decision. I had a chemical abortion, and was told that I would have ‘mild, flu like’ symptoms. I took the prescription before my boyfriend got home, and learned very quickly that the symptoms were neither ‘mild‘ nor ‘flu like’. I legitimately thought I was dying, and if my boyfriend hadn’t returned home I would have called 911. I was given pain medication but I was so nauseous that I couldn’t even take it, and was in excruciating, full body pain for 24 hours while I bled out in the bathtub. Post abortion, I gained about 75lbs maybe more in 3 months, I also abused alcohol & prescription drugs for several years. The depression eventually led to being fired from my job. Today, I lost the weight and totally turned my life around. However, I’m struggling to move forward in my relationship because the guilt still weighs heavy on my heart.... and it breaks my heart that so many women will have the same experience...I think that is what upsets me most now. 

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