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I was pregnant with my ex-boyfriends child.

I was pregnant with my ex-boyfriends child. It was back on 2020 June. I wanted to keep the child, at as weeks passed I started to grow fondness and love for the child that was growing inside of me. At some point, i also used to pray for its safety. When i told my ex, he wasn't happy about the news, he insisted that i should get an abortion. It is not that he wasn't sure that it was his child because he knows i have never been intimate with another person but him in my life, but because he said he doesn't see a future with me. I was shocked and confused. I didn't know what to do. He went to the country side to visit his parents by the time i found out. He came back in order to get me to Abort the baby. I used to live with my grandmother and little brother at that time so he had an easy access to our house.( my parents live in the village working) When we try to communicate, we just end up arguing. He threatened me that he would kill himself if i don't abort the baby, at times he would beg me and try to intimidate me by showing me hes angry. I agreed to go to the hospital with him the first time. The doctor saw that i was crying and saw that i was being pressured into it. He told him that he should give me time to think about it. This time i started being very sick, always vomiting, and not being able to eat any food. i didn't even have energy to do anything because of the pregnancy and the pressure that he was putting in me. I was super week, didn't have anybody but him for support. When he found out i was being stubborn, he decided to involve his friends which i also know. Then they all pressured me into an abortion telling me things like he was about to kill himself. Because i felt like i had no choice and was scared to tell my parents and was physically week because of the stress and pregnancy, i decided to go through with the abortion. This time, i went to a second doctor, I wasn't given a chance to sign the contract, i was just given the pill by the doctor who made me swallow the pill. After going home, i instantly regretted it and started googling how to stop abortion pill from killing your baby. I got into a website called abortion reversal. I got into contact with a wonderful lady, who was so nice to me. She tried to get the progesterone shot in my country at the time it was unavailable in our country. After 48 hours she managed to find a local place where i can get the progesterone shot but unfortunately , my ex boyfriend and his friends have already came to my house and took me to get the second pill of the abortion. This is how i lost my unborn child. I am still in pain. The man who have done this to me is now engaged to another woman while im still here with the after math. I still suffer from abdominal pain in the area surrounding my uterus and have and also have a vaginal infection. I want to get over the guilt. I am praying to God for help. I know i will never get my child back bit i really need hep

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